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Finding great applicants for your venue

Getting great staff has been one of the never ending challenges in hospitality.

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Possi is here to make finding good applicants a whole lot easier and quicker. The Possi platform has been built from the ground up as a job site for hospitality. We know what makes the industry unique and so we have created the fastest and simplest way to get an ad for your venue listed.

Possi aims to be the industry go-to platform for hospitality work. We know you don’t have time to fool around writing and designing ads, so we have done the hard work for you.

Also, we are working hard every day to attract the best possible candidates. We have committed to a strong, strategic and creative marketing plan to reach and inspire candidates into getting excited about hospitality and applying for your jobs.

You will be seeing lots of Possi on social media, on search engine and the web, the airwaves and the street. So, join the movement, place a job, contribute to the conversation and build a great team.

At Possi, we believe ‘it’s POSSIble.’

The right ad for your job

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Text Ads

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Not every job needs a song and dance. And sometimes you don’t want the competition to know you’re on the hunt for new talent. These simple templates are a great basic solution that still look great.

30 days for $39

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Picture Ads

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Show applicants your style with your logo and a picture or two. These templates add a little more personality so you can get candidates excited about working at your venue.

30 days for $69

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Deluxe Ads

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These templates allow for an image slideshow. This is the best way to personalise your ad and give a good impression to possible candidates. If you have invested in a great dressout, why not show it off.

30 days for $99

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Serving Hospitality

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Possi is different to any other job site. We serve hospitality. This means features that are designed to save you time, make things easier and look better.

Quick Ad Maker

Possi doesn’t give you a page of blank fields. Once your account is set up, simply select the job description and your ad auto-fills itself with our pre-loaded job details. All you have to do it edit to suit your style and hit publish. Your job can be listed in minutes.

Great Pricing

Hospitality staff always seem to be on the move. With ads starting from $69, Possi is priced to be affordable, no matter how often you need them. Plus, look out for special deals and promos that make advertising through Possi even better value.

Showcase your Venue

Choose a style that suits your venue and job, from simple text through to image galleries. If you have more than one venue, you don’t need multiple accounts. Simply set up each venue with it’s own logo and photos within your single login.


Being on top of the list has it’s advantages. When you first place you ad it will be the top search result. However, over time, new listings will be above yours. To get your ad back to the top, you can purchase a bump as often as you like.

Each Bump $19


Fancy a splash of colour to make your ad stand out? A frame boarders your ad in the search results page on the website. It really makes an ad pop. Choose from a range of colours when you build your ad.

Extra Cost $10


Possi are rapidly building an online presence with our blog and social media activity. We are more than happy to support your venue too. Please see our contribution page for more information.


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